5 Senses #1 with Brooke Stanford


Welcome to our new interview series, "5 Senses." Inspired by the 5 senses meditation method- bringing awareness to what you can see, taste, hear, smell and touch- we'll be talking to women in our Lake Jane community who inspire us.

Up first is our friend Brooke Stanford who lives and works in LA as a creative consultant.  We hope you enjoy!

1. What are you watching?
Seinfeld for the 10th time – I think it's one of the best-written shows of all time. And just as funny as the first time I watched it.

2. What are you eating/what food is inspiring you? 
I've been cooking at home a lot these days –– I get my inspiration from local produce at the Santa Monica Farmers Market and of course, always have my staples from Farmshop in Brentwood. 


3. What are you listening to? 
The Ocean and Tom Waits. I have a spot way out in Malibu that feels like my own private beach, I spend hours here every week with my dog, listening to music –– it brings me so much peace and gratitude. 

4. What are you touching with your hands these days?
I'm dabbling in design again and have my hands on all sorts of amazing vintage pieces –– stay tuned ;)

5. What are the smells of your day?
I'm currently taking in the scent of the Ash candle from Jenni Kayne –– it's smokey and woodsy and reminds me of home. 

Thank you, Brooke!

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Written by Katherine Hanes
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