About Lake Jane Studio

Lake Jane is a line of knitwear women's essentials. Founded by North Carolina native Katherine Hanes, this dream project provides foundational wardrobe pieces like those that she remembers from childhood: easy and durable t-shirts, bralettes, and undies.

Lake Jane designs and manufactures with the full life of the garment in mind: where does it come from and where is it going after it’s been worn out? In the same way we consider the foods we eat, let us also consider the clothing we wear on our bodies. Lake Jane pieces are made simply, using all US grown cottons that are knit and dyed in California and North Carolina, and then sewn at factories in the foothills of our state. 

At Lake Jane, we value kindness above all-- to each other, to ourselves, to our customers, to our vendors, and to the Earth. We consider our process deeply, share it with our audiences, and are optimistic about the future of fashion and apparel and changes to the industry. Lake Jane products are dependable and we strive to be a leader in our field. Lake Jane has plans to later institute a recycling program and will become a B Corp in due time.

Why is the brand called Lake Jane?

Lake Jane is the name of the pond on the property in the Blue Ridge Mountains where Katherine grew up. She spent many summers swimming, fishing, and playing in the mud in the pond. Lake Jane is a reminder to get outside, get curious, and to not take life too seriously.

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