Leslie Raymond

Leslie Raymond is the managing partner of SuperCollider and a film producer. We interviewed her about lessons learned in 2020 and her top film recommdations.

You moved to Durham from LA a few years ago and spent 2020 shooting a documentary about life in Alamance County during the pandemic and 2020 election. What was the most surprising thing you learned through that experience?

I love listening to people even if it makes me uncomfortable. That is a way that I can learn more about the world and therefore myself. I believe that we are all deeply connected and sometimes those connections are exposed through our differences. We witnessed so many small moments of pain and beauty and humanity - the things you only see when you are really stopping to watch. There is value in being still and looking for the processes of life.

What (if any) Covid wardrobe changes are you planning to carry out post lockdown? And what are you most excited to wear?

2020 has taught me how much I love a functional wardrobe. Vintage sportswear and well-made basics. I have found a lot of value in clothes that can support movement and are beautiful without being too precious. There is nothing better than putting on a t-shirt that feels seamless against your skin. I believe that my clothing, like the food I eat, should support my values and carefully consider purchases.

Will you please share favorite films or shows you've seen recently.

This year, I have had a lot of fun exploring older films that I have never seen thanks to my cinephile partner and our subscription to the Criterion Channel. I have loved watching technicolor dramas from the Mid-Century like Douglas Sirk's “All that Heaven Allows” and John Stahl's “Leave Her to Heaven.” John Waters' films like “Female Trouble” and “Polyester” have also provided an absurd amount of joy. There is no one like John Waters and there is certainly no one like Divine!

Leslie wears our Classic Turtleneck in Black and our Bralette in Geranium.

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